The timetable of Shitoryu Karatedo's History

1889 On 14th November the founder of Shitoryu Karatedo Kenwa Mabuni was born in Shuri city, Okinawa.
1899 The meeting with Sensei Matakichi Morihiro of Shuri-te, regarded as his first contact with martial arts, from whom Kenwa learned Naifanchi (Shodan, Nidan, Sandan).
1902 Kenwa met Sensei Anko Itosu of Shuri-te, and his pupil Sokon Matsumura. Since then Kenwa began learning the techniquie of Shuri-te from Sensei Itosu. Kenwa got acquainted with Chojun Miyagi. Their friendship lasted for the rest of their lives.
1907 After the graduation from the high school, Kenwa was appointed to the teacher of Karate in a school of Naha city.
1908 Because of the friendship with Miyagi, Kenwa was allowed to be acquainted with Sensei Higaonna, began learning the technique of Naha-te.
1910 Kenwa enrolled in the Police Academy, where he learned Kendo and Judo. During his service for 10 years Kenwa was posted to various places as the inspector, as a result he learned various martial arts. For example, Ryuku Kobudo from Sensei Aragaki, Sai-jutsu from Sensei Shinhachi Tabada, Bo-jutsu from Sensei Suegi, some Katas of White Crane Kung-Fu from Sensei Gogenki. Karate was adopted to schools' program of physical edication and began being taught officially.
1913 Kenwa was appointed to the department of inspectors in the city of Naha.
1915 Kenwa was given the certificate by Sensei Kanryo Higaonna.
1916 Kenwa arranged the gardain of his house to dojo. Within a month the number of students reached 50.
1918 Kenwa with Miyagi created a society of Karate-Judo. The members of it were Gishin Hunakoshi, Chojun Oshiro, Choshin Chibana, Anbun Tokuda, Shinpan Joma, Seicho Takumura, Hoko Ishikawa. Later they established Butoku-Kai, Gishin Funakoshi as president, Kenwa Mabuni and Chojun Miyagi as chief instructors. The same year Kenei was born in February as the first son of Kenwa.
1924 Kenwa retired from the police, began teaching Karate in several colleges.
1925 In October created a club of Okinawa Karate's study. Kenwa opened his first dojo of Karate-Judo teaching, which was also open to the public. The instructors of dojo were Juhatsu Kyoda, Choyu Motobu, Chomo Hanashiro, Choju Oshiro, Choshin Chibana as well as Yu Xian Gi of Chinese Kenpo. The chief instructors were Kenwa Mabuni and Chojun Miyagi. Kenwa taught Katas of Shuri-te, Naha-te, Tomari-te and those of other Ryu-ha.
1927 Kenwa met Jigoro Kanno who visited Okinawa for the opening of the dojo for holders of degrees in Judo.
1928 Kenwa moved to Osaka, organized a lot of Karate techniques' performances, began performing Tameshiwari.
1931 Kenwa established Dai Nihon Karatedo Kai.
1934 Kenwa bought a house in Osaka, opened his dojo, published some books. Named his style as Shitoryu, became its founder.
1952 Kenwa passed away on 23rd March at the age of 62.
1960 On 1st November in the East Japan the eastern headquarters of the Japanese Organization of Karatedo by Sensei Manzo Iwata, the former president of Shitokai. In the same year the western headquarters was established in the Western Japan by Sensei Kenei Mabuni.
1964 For the memory of the founder Kenwa Mabuni, after 13 years of his death, the 1st domestic championships of Shitoryu Karatedo was held by two headquarters. In the same year Japan Karatedo Federation was established. Since then Shitokai is recognized as the sole body which inherits Shitoryu Karatedo.
1973 In February All Japan Karatedo Shitokai was established.
1993 In March, World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation was established.